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For further information on litters available or any other general inquiry, please contact our Puppy Listing Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions – Click on the questions below

What Price is a German Shepherd Pup?
The average price today (2024) is approximately $3,000 – $3,500).
What Price are Pedigree Papers?
Pedigree papers registered with the Australian National Kennel Council cost a breeder $45.00 per pup (2024).
What questions should I ask the Breeder?
  • Are you listed with the German Shepherd Dog Club?
  • Are the parents x-rayed for Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia?
  • What are their scores and could you view their documents?
  • Are the parents Breed Surveyed? Can I view their Breed Survey?
What is Main Register?
Australian National Kennel Council Main Register is a pedigree (Blue in Colour) for pedigree animals which can be exhibited in the conformation ring, trialing ring and bred with.
What is Limited Register?
Australian National Kennel Council Limited Register is a pedigree (Orange in Colour) for pedigree animals which can be exhibited in the Trial ring, they cannot be shown or bred with. They can be transferred to the Main Register with the Breeders authorisation.
What is a Contract?
  • Contracts are an agreement between two (2) parties, the Breeder and the purchaser of the animal.
  • Prior to signing any contract you should read it carefully and fully understand ALL of the conditions involved in the contract. If you are unsure of any condition in the contract ask for an explanation.

Note: Not all breeders tie up animals on contracts

What information and assistance will I receive with my pup?
  • Is there feeding information?
  • Is there information on training or suitable Club to receive training? Are there any guarantees with the pup?

Litters currently listed with the GSDC of SA Inc:


Name:  Louise Quinn
Suburb:  Hope Forrest
Sire:  *Salvatore v Grafenwald ‘a’ ED (Imp Deu)
Dam:  *Stolzerhund Miss Tique ‘A’ ‘Z’
Males:  2
Females  2  
Date of Birth: 27/02/2024
Telephone:  0450 955 985


Kennel Name:
Date of Birth: