Breeders Directory

We have for your information a list of Breeders that breed within the guidelines of the Recommended Breeding Practices of the German Shepherd Dog Club of SA Inc.  Some Breeders advertise “Being a member of the GSDC of SA Inc” this does not mean that the Breeder abides by the Recommended Breeding Practices of the Club. The breeders listed below abide by the Recommended Breeding Practices.

The guidelines recommend that all breeding animals have an ‘A’ stamp for Hip dysplasia, which means that they have very little or no hip dysplasia, and a ‘Z’ stamp for Elbow dysplasia, which also means that they have little or no Elbow dysplasia.

They must also be Breed Surveyed. Which means that they have been presented before a panel of experts that have ascertained that the animals are suitable to be bred from. And have passed temperament tests and a gun test, which is their reaction to loud noises. Any animals that fail these tests may not be Breed Surveyed.

There is no excuse for breeders not to have their animals breed surveyed.

If a puppy is for sale on “Breeders Terms” this refers to certain Conditions being place on the sale of the puppy. These conditions vary from breeder to breeder and puppy to puppy. If you are uncertain of these requirements then we suggest you seek clarification of these terms prior to entering into any such agreement.

Breeder’s terms of sale will vary greatly from one to another, always get the terms of any breeder’s lease or restricted sale in writing prior to picking up the puppy so that you can peruse them and make an informed rather than an emotional decision.

The German Shepherd Dog Club does not recommend any breeder; you should ask any breeder why they are not listed on our website.

Jean Butterfield & Gayle Mercer
OLD NOARLUNGA08 8386 1606
0412 471 802
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Judy, Wayne & Andrew O'Loughlin
PORT NOARLUNGA0412 605 584 (Judy)
08 8384 3592
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Jenny, John & Isabella DeLucia
GAWLER BELT0408 100 745 (Jenny)Send Babenberg an Email
Stephen & Christine Collins
WILLUNGA0419 212 749 (Stephen)
08 8556 2340
Send Rhosyn an Email
Beryl Owen
TWO WELLS0417 834 941Send Sheprose an Email