Ground Rules

These rules apply to all handlers and have been formulated for the welfare of you and your dog.

  • Any Club member, or any person guilty of unseemly conduct or acts harmful to the club, may be asked to leave the Club grounds.  They may also be dealt with by the Committee of The GSDC of SA Inc. under clause 6, and relative by-laws of the Clubs Constitution.
  • Members shall not treat their dog in a manner that may reflect badly on the Club.
  • The owner and or handler shall be responsible for their dogs while on club grounds and must accept any liability for animals in their care at all times.
  • Any dog that is sick WILL NOT be permitted onto the Club Grounds.
  • Dogs who have suffered a CONTAGIOUS DISEASE WILL NOT be allowed on to the Grounds until 5 weeks after being cleared by a veterinarian (a vets certificate may be required).  Puppies should not be brought out onto the Club Grounds under the age of 8 weeks or at least 2 weeks after they have been inoculated for HEPATITIS, DISTEMPER AND PARVOVIRUS (vaccination certificate may be required).
  • The Head Instructor has the authority to permit the use of a muzzle or training devices, as required in special cases.  The use of the equipment is to be under supervision, and its use on the Grounds, other than above, is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
  • The use of switches, spiked collars or whips is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN ON THE CLUB GROUNDS.
  • Dogs are NOT to be taken off lead or left unattended, except on the directives, or under the supervision of a Class Instructor.
  • Bitches in season are not permitted on the grounds unless at a recognised conformation show.
  • Dogs under the age of 12 months ARE NOT permitted to use jump equipment higher than 400 mm, or longer than 800 mm.
  • The handlers of dogs that foul the Club Grounds will be responsible for cleaning up same, with the equipment provided.
  • Pursuant of the Health act “Dogs” ARE NOT permitted inside the Club Rooms.
  • In the interest of safety and health, and in consideration of others, parents are required to supervise the behaviour of their children.  The Club Rooms and Toilets MUST NOT be used as playing areas.
  • In the interests of public health the Club Rooms and the veranda area are NON-SMOKING areas.
  • Appropriate foot wear must be worn at ALL times when handling  / double handling dogs on the Club Grounds. Bare feet, thongs, slip on shoes, high heels, sandals, crocs and shoes with metal-spiked soles (covered or uncovered) are not suitable foot wear and members wearing any of the above will be asked to leave the Club grounds.

Training Extreme Weather Policy

Training will be cancelled if the forecast temperature for West Beach is predicted to be 37 degrees or above or an Extreme Storm warning is issued on at 6pm the night before training (Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings).

Parking on Grounds

In the interest of Safety for ALL members parking on the grounds on event days will only be permitted if sufficient room is available. Driving on the grounds once Training has commenced is not permitted.