GSDCA Hip and Elbow Control Scheme

GSDCA HD/ED Control Scheme Information

Before you take your animal to the Veterinarian for Hip and Elbow x-rays after they have turned 12 months, you need to apply to the State HD/ED Registrar for a GSDCA HD/ED Control Scheme X-ray form.

To apply for a GSDC HD/ED Control Scheme form CLICK HERE to download the request form which must be sent to the Registrar so that the form can be prepared for you.  Payment methods are detailed on the form with provision for credit card payment.  The details required on the form are necessary for the Registrar to complete your application. 

CLICK HERE for more information regarding this very important scheme

HD/ED Control Scheme InformatioStatistics

CLICK HERE for statistics relating to Sires.  These charts are updated on a 6 monthly basis.

Advice to Veterinarians

Breeders and Owners Please note!

ANKC LRL survey have resulted in these amendments: GSD Litter Registration Limitation

Please ensure that your veterinarian is aware of this requirement, as documented on the GSDCA HD/ED Control Scheme Application form under “Advice to  Veterinarian” which reads as follows:-

“Computer Radiography Generated Images (Digital X-rays): For computer radiography generated images (digital x-rays) to be accepted by the GSDCA Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia Control Scheme, the images must be of a high quality and saved as DICOM Images. (i.e. .dcm extension)”.