Links to download the documents are shown in BLUE below.

German Shepherd Dog Club of South Australia – Forms

2020 Membership Application

2020 Membership Renewal

Litter Notification Form GSDC of SA

HD ED REQUEST FORM July 2018  – Save the form to your computer, complete and then email the copy to the HD/ED Registrar

2018 Breeders Directory

2018 Stud Dog Directory

2019 Annual Awards Application (submit by 15 October annually)

German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia – Forms

Application for Breed Survey in own state (BS1 Form) – From 1st July 2013 the cost of entry is $35.00

Application for Breed Survey outside of own state (BS4 Form) – If you intend to survey your animal outside of your State of domicile this form is required to be completed along with the BS1 Form.

Haemophilia Application Form

Health & Welfare – It is extremely important that our GSDCA Breed Health & Welfare Committee receives data relating to the health of the German Shepherd Dog in a timely manner.   Please download the form from the GSDCA website and complete the details of your GSD’s ailment.  It is suggested that you save this to your computer, complete and then mail to the GSDCA Breed Health & Welfare Committee at    Please note that all data will remain CONFIDENTIAL AND FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.

Please ensure that any health issues regarding your German Shepherd Dog are reported using this form e.g. bloat, cancer, DM, bone disease etc.  This information will help with future research which will only be possible if these statistics are monitored.