National Sponsorship Summary

The GSDC of SA would like to thank everyone for their generous sponsorship and donations.  A full list will be published in the National Catalogue. 

Please support our major sponsor Royal Canin

Below is a list of classes that have been sponsored as at July 2023.  There are still plenty more classes to be sponsored so get in quick.  This list will be updated from time to time leading up to the event. 

If you would like to help out please go to the ONLINE SHOP

Trophy SponsorshipSash Sponsorship
Open DogArkahla Kennels, SAArkahla Kennels, SA
Open BitchKingkesha German Shepherds, SAKingkesha German Shepherds, SA
Intermediate DogTaurorn Kennels, SATaurorn Kennels, SA
Intermediate BitchRhosyn Kennels, SA - Stephen & Christine CollinsRhosyn Kennels, SA - Stephen & Christine Collins
Junior DogVomkogelberg Kennels, SA - Joe Seidl
Junior BitchBabenberg Kennels, SA - Jenny & John De LuciaPeter & Kitty Flynn, SA
Puppy Dog
Puppy BitchJane Grigson, SA
Minor Puppy Dog
Minor Puppy Bitch
Baby Puppy Dog
Baby Puppy BitchJordan Petreski, ACTJordan Petreski, ACT
LSC Open DogKyndom German Shepherds, SASimon & Kim Leyland, SA
LSC Open BitchKyndom German Shepherds, SADamonte Kennels, SA
LSC Intermediate DogBelluna Kennels, SA - Serena Smith-Mitchell
LSC Intermediate BitchBelluna Kennels, SA - Serena Smith-MitchellGalifrae Fishing Pty Ltd, Tas
LSC Junior Dog
LSC Junior BitchBeautrae Kennels, SA - Doug West
LSC Puppy Dog
LSC Puppy Bitch
LSC Minor Puppy Dog
LSC Minor Puppy Bitch
LSC Baby Puppy Dog
LSC Baby Puppy Bitch
Community Companion Dog
Companion DogVomkogelberg Kennels, SA - Joe Seidl
Companion Dog Excellent
Utiltiy Dog
Utility Dog Excellent
Youth Handlers 7-9 years
Youth Handlers 10-12 years
Youth Handlers 13-18 years