Puppy Day

  • When: January 12, 2020 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Where: Barrett Reserve, West Beach Road, WEST BEACH
  • Summary: Puppy fun day......
  • Details:

    All members and non members are welcome to attend the 2020 Puppy Day.

    Conditions of Entry

    • You do not have to be a member – anyone with a German Shepherd puppy is welcome to attend.
    • You must bring your up to date vaccination certificate with you.  This is for the protection of your dog.  No certificate NO ENTRY.
    • Your puppy must be under 9 months of age.
    • All puppies attending will have their microchip scanned and recorded to make sure there’s no confusion of puppies while off lead.
    • Bring a salad to share.  BBQ will be provided.

    This is not a training day – it is a fun day for puppies.

    For further information contact the 2nd Vice President, Mrs Christine Collins on 8556 2340