GSDCA Communications

This page will list communications from the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) that have been sent to the Club which is to be distributed to members.  Members should realise that the GSDCA is made up of the 10 Clubs around Australia and that the GSDCA Executive are the administrators for the Council.  Any decisions made by Council can only be done with the majority support of all Clubs.

GSDCA 2017 AGM Agenda Final

Hip and Elbow Statistics

2015 Judges Meeting Agenda

ANKC LRL survey have resulted in these amendments: GSD Litter Registration Limitation

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SOCIAL MEDIA – Advice from the GSDCA regarding policies being formulated by Canine Controls around Australia.  Letter GSDCA Member Clubs Social Media 180814

GSDCA Changes to The ED Control Scheme July 2014 GSDCA Member Clubs

Eligibility of Handlers

The GSDCA Database LIVE!! – Username and Password will be provided by the Secretary of the GSDC of SA.

2014 GSDCA Annual Report