National Show & Trial

The GSDC of SA will host the 46th GSDCA National GSD Show and Trial in 2018.

All news regarding this event will be posted here !

DATES: Friday 27th April 2018, Saturday 28th April 2018 and Sunday 29th April 2018


Judges:           Christoph Ludwig SV (Germany)  CV dated September 2011All Long Stock Coat Classes &                          All Stock Coat Males

Herr Christoph Ludwig is 39 years old. He is employed by a bank as a business manager
and corporate and new venture adviser.
His kennel name is ‘von der Zenteiche’.

  • The kennel was established by Mr Manfred Ludwig in 1972
  • He has been a member of the SV since 1985
  • In 1997 he took over the kennels from his father, Manfred Ludwig
  • Member of the OG Nassau since 1998
  • Member of the board of the OG Nassau since 1990
  • Regional breedwarden oft the LG Rheinland-Pfalz (LG 10) and member of the SV- breeding committee from 2002 – 2005
  • Member of the Board of the LG Rheinland-Pfalz von 1999 – 2005
  • Several times member of the SV Federal Assembly
  • SV breeding judge since 2005

Some results of dogs bred by his kennels “Von der Zenteiche” at Sieger Shows:

1980 Gundo von der Zenteiche V 5
1984 Nicko von der Zenteiche SG 15
1997 Linda von der Zenteiche SG 12
         Max von der Zenteiche SG 2 -Jugend-Vice-Sieger-
         Jasmin von der Zenteiche VA 10
1998 Nanni von der Zenteiche SG 14
2000 Quana von der Zenteiche SG 8>/dt>
2001 Quana von der Zenteiche V 12
2002 Xana von der Zenteiche VA 5
2007 Pola von der Zenteiche SG 4
         Rimini von der Zenteiche SG 6
2007 Lana von der Zenteiche VA 5
2008 Lana von der Zenteiche VA 1 – Siegerin-
2009 Zara von der Zenteiche SG 3
2010 Zara von der Zenteiche VA 8
2011 Zara von der Zenteiche VA 3

Placings of his breed groups at Sieger Shows:

2000 Kennelgroup 8th place
2007 Kennelgroup 2nd place
2010/2011 Kennelgroup 3rd place

Dogs from his kennel “von der Zenteiche” who have received the sieger title in various countries:

1996 Elsa von der Zenteiche VA 1
2002 Quana von der Zenteiche VA 1
2003 Xana von der Zenteiche VA 1
2007 Kelly von der Zenteiche VA 1
2005 Effe von der Zenteiche VA 1
2007 Kerry von der Zenteiche VA 1

He has judged in over 40 shows in Germany and he has also judged in the following countries: Belgium, Mexico, China, Finland, Australia, Sweden, Slovakia, Argentina, Ireland, Taiwan, Spain, Estonia as well as other countries.
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Rainer Mast SV (Germany)  CV dated September 2011All Stock Coat Females

Herr Mast hails from the German town of Oberstadion-Moosbeuren, not too far from Ulm
in the province of Baden Württemberg.

  • He has been a member of the SV since 1973.
  • In 1990 he became the owner of the Kennel vom Ermingerweg, which was founded in 1949.
  • From 1991 to 2004 he was on the executive board of his Landesgrupp in Württemberg.
  • In 2002 he became a conformation judge.
  • In 2008 obtained his Breed Suvey Master (Körmeister) license.

In addition to Germany, he has judged in many countries of the world, and also many different SHZS.
He has owned several important dogs such as:

  • Karas crveni Mayestoso the V30 at the 2006 German Sieger Show
  • Hippi crveni Mayestoso the V34 dog at the 2010 German Sieger Show
  • Ringo crveni Mayestoso the V45 dog.

Ringo was also the best son from the Sieger Ober von Bad Boll in the working class mal


Utility Dog Excellent & Companion Dog (Ring 1)                  Mrs Dawn Howard (Vic)
Companion Dog Excellent (Ring 2)                                          Mrs Jan Brabham (SA)
Utility Dog & Community Companion Dog (Ring 3)              Mr Peter Dynan (SA)
Winner of Winners                                                                     All Above Obedience Judges
Reserve Obedience Judge                                                         Mr Michael Vigor (SA)

JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP –                                                       Mr Kurt Morton (NSW)