Breed Affairs

The Breed Affairs Committee is headed up by the 2nd Vice President and meetings are held throughout the year.   

Members of this committee look after areas such as:

  • Breed Survey
  • Conformation Training Classes
  • Statistics
  • Conformation Shows
  • HD/ED Control Scheme for SA
  • Identification of GSD’s for SA
  • Youth Affairs 

Breed Standard

The Breed Standard can be found on the GSDCA website at 

Articles relating to the Breed

Articles can be found on the GSDCA website at

Breed Improvement Schemes

For further information relating to the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Naitonal Breed Improvement Schemes go to

Forms for Breed Survey and Hip & Elbow schemes are available in Forms.

German Shepherd Health and Welfare

The GSDCA has set up a GSD Health and Welfare Subcommittee to monitor, investigate and recommend remedial action on emerging disorders that may affect breed development. Through these initiatives, the GSDCA and its affiliate members have built up much knowledge and resources on the veterinary aspects of many disorders/conditions which may affect the German Shepherd Dog.

Over the years, many articles have been published by the GSDCA in its National Review Magazine to inform GSD enthusiasts of topical veterinary and health matters.

To report disorders, conditions and health matters observed or diagnosed in German Shepherd Dogs or Puppies to the Hereditary Diseases Scheme, please forward information to the GSDCA so it may gather all available data to better understand what may be occurring and affecting breed development.  Information on the GSD Council Australia Health & Welfare reporting program can be found here.

Inherited diseases, conditions and disorders

The German Shepherd Dog is known to suffer from a number of conditions and genetic diseases and disorders.  The link below will take you to the page on the GSDCA website which is dedicated to articles which will inform and educate regarding the conditions which have been known on occasions to affect the GSD.